Ninja Theory Getting Threats From Fans of Devil May Cry

The continuation of the game series Devil May Cry (DMC) will be released with the title "DmC: Devil May Cry", the game is done by Ninja Theory will reorder the famous Capcom game series with the new figure of Dante as a Westerner. This young Dante will have an adventure in the city of Limbo. But because of this, Tameem Antoniades and his team revealed a threat addressed to them on the new look they did with the main character, Dante. Whether this should be addressed as something that is surprising for how far the actions that it can be fans or just act that seemed a bit silly.

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"I have to say that was enough to open my eyes to see there are some creative ways that people do in expressing their hatred. We did not expect death threats through a comic or a death metal song that contains the message of the anti-DMC!" he said.

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Parties Ninja Theory has issued a trailer about the latest game from the DMC made by them, it seems that this game has a lot of changes compared to previous games. Nevertheless Ninja Theory game made it still displays the combat system which basically still the same, but still reap the many responses that are counterproductive. Disillusionment with the character design was also shown by Hideki Kamiya who is the original creator of the series this game makers aka Dante's actual figures. Hopefully this does not preclude the DMC series to continue to develop into better. Stay wait and further info from

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