The a solid state drive is the storage device that uses a solid state memory for storing the data. Meanwhile the technical is not a disk, a solid state drive will frequently called as a solid state disk drives, or a solid state disk, based to the true that, within some things, it replacing traditional hard disk drive.

The hard disk drives has been to that loyal slave for computing over the years. However with the head, plate, the magnetic surfaces, spindles and many another moving parts that compound, they were that most definitely false. They can be slowly, so: the disc should start spinning when they were have not already done, so they were must obtain the head into the right position in the disk to read or write the data. Add this into the physical problem happens while piece of dust or other foreign materials enter the mechanism, or as an shock impact drive, and have a clear system is imperfect. Solid state drive eliminates a lot of time and the structural problems inherent in traditional hard disk drive.

The principle through solid state drive is are that are not allowed moving parts: no spinning platters, no the head movement. The data are divided become length fragments and kept within the memory word. This was later accessed most immediately using the system-wide the unique address. Of this behavior already used within computer's RAM over many years, however for the a long time was very costly for manufacturers to consider using it as persistent storage for within a sufficient volume for replacing the hard disk drive.

Solid state drives have multiple advantages compared to the magnetic hard drives. Much major of this comes from the fact that the drive does not have moving section. Meanwhile traditional drives have a motor for rotate upward the magnetic platters and the head drive is, everything storage in a solid state drives treated by a flash memory chip. This gives of three different advantages:
- Less Power Usage
- Faster Data Access
- Higher Reliability

A solid state drive are also have a a greater stability over disks of their comrades. Since there was no the moving parts there is less that could be wrong mechanically. The dust entering the device ceases to be a problem (and within anything a solid state drive can be sealed of air strict not as disk drive which need specific an air cushion to function properly), and dropping the drive is less tend to causing damage on the data. 

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